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If you are in the business of manufacturing, packaging, shipping, or anything where you need to use materials of packaging, look to All Strap for a variety of your shipping and freight needs. Believe it or not, packaging and shipping can be very important parts of every day commerce even if you are in a retail or manufacturing business. After all, how do you get your good out to other locations? The answer is simple. The answer is packaging, strapping, and shipping.

So, what are the materials of packaging? To get your goods out in mass quantities, or even just heavy loads, you’ll need to know a few important materials with which to build your shipments. If you are boxing your goods, of course you will need boxes, tape and possibly corner protectors. If you have large stacks of materials such as lumber, brick, or building materials, you can skip the boxes, but you will still need to build your pallets. You’ll need a pallet, strapping, and, depending on the materials being shipped, shrink film, also known as stretch film. An important variable is the strapping.

Depending on what goods you will be shipping it’s important to use the strapping that will best be tailored to your company budget and goods to be shipped. For example, if you will be shipping textiles or softer goods, it will be best to use a strapping made of a softer material such as cord, nylon or even poly. If you will be shipping heavy materials and or raw materials for building, barrels, steel, or lumber, you may wish to consider types of steel strapping to hold goods in place. A good tensioner is an important tool as well to help with strapping so that you will get an even tension all around and prevent shifting. When your goods arrive at their destination in tact and ready for use, that’s always good business!

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