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PRHR-114: Most Popular Combination Tool

With many industries preferring combination tools to make their work easier, manufacturers have brought out combination tools, both pneumatic and battery-operated, so that the work gets done quickly and the productivity increases. These tools have also proven to be cost effective. Signode’s PRHR-114 is a push style pneumatic combination tool and is also very popular in the industry.

Industry experts have said that this tool has been well received in the market.

The PRHR-114 is great for packaging irregular shaped packages. The air power of this tool helps in tensioning, sealing and cutting the strapping. Push type seals are used to seal the strapping. This is a very convenient tool and therefore has become a staple in many of the industries that use a lot of steel strapping. It is an ergonomically well-balanced tool and very easy to operated. It has fewer wear parts and maintaining and repairing the tool is easy. It is also durable and longer lasting and not known to break down while in operation.

The PRHR-114 is best counterbalanced on a wire or a tool arm. It can pull close to 1400 pounds of tension and is a very strong tool. In fact it is considered the best among combination tools in the pneumatic range of tools. It is a really fast tool and very efficient and productive that it is considered to have outrun its competition. For a mobile 1 ¼” strapping, a separate tensioner, PN2-114 can be used. There is also the RCNS2-114 sealer from the Signode family that is very effective stand-alone sealer.

Combination tools have become an inseparable part of the industry, as they are quicker and efficient. Many industry users believe that it is easier to use a three-in-one-tool than using separate tools for each operation.  The only disadvantage in using pneumatic tools is the presence of airlines that lie all over the workroom floor hindering the movement of operators. But due to its efficiency and increased productivity it has become a much-favored tool in the industry. It is also very cost effective to use this tool.


  • Strap Type: Magnus
  • Strap Width: 1 1/4 Inches
  • Strap Thickness: 0.025″- 0.035”
  • Seal Name: Push Type 1.25 Inch Push Seal
  • Joint Type: Notch
  • Weight: 34 lbs.

The PRHR-114 is a great tool to strap slit coils and bundles. Call Allstrap to ask about PRHR-114 that is generally available rebuilt.


Fromm A483- Pneumatic Steel Strapping Pusher Tool

The Fromm A483 is the largest and heaviest tool in the pneumatic series from Fromm. Used in heavy metal industries and the lumber industries largely, the A483 is also supplied in two models. One of its main applications is with the 1 ¼” wide steel straps that is preferred in these industries. This tool is ideal for strapping steel coils, tubes and rods in all positions.A483-275x245

This tool comes with four different suspension brackets and it can be fitted in any position the operator chooses. The A483 is larger than the A482 and has a pneumatically raised feedwheel which helps a lot in introducing heavy steel straps. This tool has been found ideal in industries which have heavy work loads or continuous working conditions. It has proved that it is worth the money according to industry users.

The feedwheel in the A483 is automatic and it eliminates additional work by the operator. This is a very reliable tool for continuous operations even though it is very heavy. This tool became popular that even with its heavy weight it performs continuous operations in a very consistent and reliable manner.

Fromm’s two push type combination steel strapping tool is considered the best in the industry. The A480 and A483 are different only in weight. The A480 weighs half of the A483. The great advantage of A480 is that it provides mobility to the operator.

The A483 is a very good combination tool and operators find it easy to operate even though it is a very heavy tool.

Combination tools are considered easy as it performs all three jobs in one go. Namely, the tensioning, sealing and cutting is all done at the touch of a button. So work gets done quickly, time is also saved as tools need not be changed after every operation. At present the industry is also trying to move away from pneumatic tools to battery operated tools. These battery operated tools are faster and more efficient than pneumatic tools which have air lines lying all around the floor. The Grip Pack 114 Sealer and Grip Pack 114 Tensioner are two great options for steel strapping.

These two tools take the weight and hassle out of using a pneumatic tool. These tools run on the 18 V Bosch batteries using lithium ion. It can pull up to 1500 pounds of tension and perform up to 300 cycles per charge. These tools also reduce operator fatigue.

The A483 is the best push style tool for high tensile strapping, and Allstrap recommends this tool for use on heavy duty loads. Call Allstrap for information on pricing and repairs.


P355- Poly Strapping Pneumatic Tool

Though combination battery powered tools have become much preferred tools in the market, some industries still rely on the pneumatic tools for strapping applications. One of the popular poly strapping pneumatic tools is the P355  and the industry finds it the ideal tool for a variety of vertical and horizontal strapping positions.

Fromm’s tools are elegantly designed and highly durable. The P355 is very reliable and is equipped with two inlets to connect the compressed air. Threading of straps is very easy and both straps are inserted together. The sealing time, strap tension and tensioning speed are adjustable. The sealing efficiency of this tool is very high and this results in perfectly secure packages. As an option, a bottom base wearing place is also available with this tool and this can be used on hard and rough surfaces.

The P355 is very light and therefore need not necessarily be suspended. This tool has received a lot of positive reviews from satisfied customers about its consistent operation and performance. Since this is a poly strapping tool, many industry users were hesitant to make the switch from steel to poly strapping and also the seal less option. But the productivity of this tool and the cost saved on seals have made many reconsider this decision. The savings from not using metal seals can save about 50% for the industry.


  • Strap Qualities:  Polypropylene (PP) and Polyester (PET)
  • Strap Dimensions:  10.0 – 16.0 x 0.40 – 1.05 mm  3/8 -5/8 x .016 – .041″
  • Strap Tension:  400 – 2100 N (adjustable)
  • Sealing Type:  Sealless
  • Weight:  4.8 kg / 10.5 pounds

Though the tool looks heavy it is very light in weight and is very user friendly. The operator does not get tired when compared to earlier pneumatic tools that were heavy to carry around. The tool is also very reliable in harsh working conditions. It is good for mid-duty applications and it retains its popularity. However, industry users are not very happy about the pricing. It has a higher retail price when compared to other similar tools like the battery operated BXT2-19. There is also the OR-T-250. These two cost significantly lesser than the P355.

Orgapack’s tool is also quite popular in the market. It comes equipped with a safety sensor for optimum safety. Allstrap quotes the lowest price in the market for P355. Call Allstrap for more information.