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Fromm A461 Pneumatic Steel Strapping Sealer

 Fromm A461

The Fromm A461 is a pneumatic powered steel strapping sealer. It is designed for running steel straps of width 3/4” to 1-1/4”. This is a highly robust and reliable tool that makes strapping more cost effective. It is perfectly suited for applications involving packages having small and round surface areas. This lightweight tool weighs just 9.3 lbs and its ergonomic design makes it perfect for single hand application. It uses overlap seals and applies double notch upcut joint.


Technical Specifications

The key technical specifications of the Fromm A461 are as follows:

  • Strap Quality: Steel Strapping
  • Strap Dimensions: Width 3/4” (19mm) to 1-1/4” (32mm) and thickness 0.025” (0.63mm) to 0.040” (1mm)
  • Seal Type: Overlap Seals
  • Joint: Double notch upcut joint
  • Weight: 9.3 lbs or 4.3 kg
  • Seal Efficiency: Up to 75%

Uses of Fromm A461

The sealer is perfect for applications involving small surfaces and irregular shaped loads. Its compact size also allows you to work in confined spaces. It finds widespread application in the metals industry for loads like:

  • Steel coils
  • Pipes
  • Beams
  • Bundles
  • Bars

The Fromm A461 is also suited for use in the timber industry.

This is a lightweight pneumatic sealer, but you can also suspend it for stationary applications. A spring loaded balancer and a suspension bracket make it possible to be suspended. It features Fromm’s proven and reliable superior tensioning force. You can use it with 3/4” to 1-1/4” straps for heavy duty applications in a wide range of environments.

Advantages of Using Fromm A461

Some of the best things about this pneumatic sealer include:

  • Single hand operation due to its lightweight (9.3 lbs) and ergonomic design
  • The popular pistol grip design further makes it convenient for long-shift applications by reducing hand fatigue
  • Applies a reliable upcut double notch joint
  • Applies seals smoothly and securely
  • Features a safety system for preventing defective joints because of operator mistakes

The A461 is a widely popular sealer and all its common wear parts are readily available. You may order the parts online or also send the tool for repair and maintenance. Get it repaired by factory certified technicians with years of experience. Quick turnaround ensures that your operations will not have to suffer for long.

Since the Fromm A461 is a sealer and requires a tensioning tool to complete the applications. The A452 from the same brand makes just the ideal complementing tool for this purpose. This tensioner generates up to 1900 lbs of tension and works with 3/4” to 1-1/4” steel straps.

P359 Heavy Duty Pneumatic Polyester Strapping Tool

The P359 is a pneumatically powered combination tool for poly strapping brought out by Fromm. The design of this tool is sleek and looks like a battery powered tool and it also pulls a lot of tension. This tool is ideal to strap with ¾”-1 1/4” strapping and due to the pneumatic function it is able to pull more tension.

As this is a heavy duty tool it is imperative that the banding holds up in all the applications it is being used. Poly strapping is highly shock absorbent and has good elongation. So it can be tightly strapped and the package will not get damaged during transportation. The P359 is a heavy duty tool and can pull about 1570 pounds of tension. It is also a cost effective tool as it uses the friction weld sealing method and so the cost of metal seals are eliminated. Also the cost of steel strapping is expensive and using poly strapping makes it cost effective.

The P359 can be run either in the semi-automatic or manual mode. The buttons on the tool let the operator decide which feature best fits their strapping needs. The amount of tension to pulled can also be adjusted depending on each application. However, it is necessary to allow some time for cooling as this tool uses the friction weld sealing method and it can adjust the sealing and cooling time to ensure the package is securely sealed.


  • Strap Qualities: Polyester (PET)
  • Strap Dimensions: 1″ or 1.25″ x .040 – .053” (maybe up to .060″)
  • Tension: 1,570 lbs.
  • Sealing Type: Friction-weld sealing
  • Weight: around 19 lbs.

Generally, most pneumatic tools are heavy when compared to manual and battery operated tools. But the P359 is the lightest among all pneumatic tools in the market at it weighs only 19 pounds. Being a combination tool is its greatest advantage as it tensions, seal and cuts. Separate tools are eliminated and therefore proves to be cost effective in the long run.

Another advantage in using this tool is that steel strapping leaves marks on the packages and rusts on exposure to the elements. With poly strapping there is no possibility of scratch marks and as there are no sharp corners it is safer for the operator to handle.


P330- Poly Strapping Battery Combo Tool

The convenience of any battery strapping tool is unmatched. If it is a combination tool, then it becomes the most convenient tool. The P330 is a very convenient sealless strapping tool and is quite popular in many industries. It is also a very reliable tool and complies with the European Safety Regulations and AAR regulations.

The P330 is the most ideal tool for heavy polyester straps with widths ranging from 16mm to 25 mm. This tool has a reinforced a new 18V motor that guarantees maximum strap tension, perfect sealing and highly reliable. Depending on strap quality it has a high capacity of up to 450 strap cycles. Not only is the battery highly powerful, it also gets recharged in a very short time.

The P330 is also a tool that uses the friction weld sealing process, where heat is used to fuse the ends of the plastic strapping. Many industries are hesitant to use this kind of sealing. However, as this is a cost effective sealing method and gives 75% joint efficiency there are many industries who are beginning to switch over to this sealing method.

Advantages of P330

  • Offers stability
  • High shock absorbency
  • Optimal tension
  • Cost effective
  • Less risk of injury

As with all Fromm tools, the P330 is also ergonomically designed with a small handle. It is a well balanced tool and has a single handed operation. Though the tool is very light in weight, it pulls good tension. The sealing time is adjustable and the straps are easy to thread. Both the straps are inserted together and the welding lever locks at the bottom allowing the preparation of the next strap insertion during the welding and cooling process. This tool comes with two batteries and a charger.

The P330 can strap 200 to 300 applications per charge and is very easy to use. The strapping process gets simplified as the tool uses the lithium ion battery which is very powerful. Friction weld sealing has more strength than traditional seals but people do not trust a joint without a metal seal. The P330 holds up to 75% joint efficiency and also achieves strap tension from 250 pounds to 1300 pounds, depending on strap quality.

Presently poly strapping has become a much preferred item in the strapping industry and it is also very cost effective. Compared to steel strapping poly strapping costs much less and this is the reason for many industries switching over to poly strapping.

The Fromm P330 was the first heavy duty tool for 1″ poly strapping, now it has a counterpart in P331 that can use 1″ or 1.25″ poly strapping.

The P330 is generally available rebuilt, please call Allstrap customer department for rebuilt pricing and repair inquiries.