Available Packaging Solutions

All Strap offers many materials of packaging which will suit your commerce needs for freight shipping and packaging. If you have a small or large business which ships out any type of goods or materials, you will need to know about different materials of packaging which can help make your shipments hold together stronger and create stacks which will have limited shifting, movement during shipping, and thus prevent damage over all. Materials of packaging can include boxes, bins, crates, containers, tape, strap seals, pallets, edge protectors, corner protectors, strapping, shrink film, stretch film, cord, blankets, surface protectors, and cushioning. All Strap specializes in strapping for packaging of all of your business’ freight shipments.

If you have heavy loads which need to be shipped as freight, and will withstand pressure, not mar, and stack well, steel strapping is a good choice, and one of the oldest methods of strapping on the market today with proven methods of binding and closure which are simple and affordable for business. Materials of packaging can be held together safely and loss can be prevented with the right strapping methods for steel strapping. Also, there are special tools to use on steel strapping versus other materials such as nylon or polyester. To bind materials which cannot withstand the heavy duty steel strapping, other, softer materials are available such as nylon, cord, or poly strapping. All of these are strong materials which are easy on hands and goods, and have different methods of binding which can range from simple buckles to seals and welds.

Holding together materials of packaging in a proper stack on your pallets for shipping is an essential skill, and a part of your shipping methods which is beneficial in creating strong freight shipments to be delivered without damage. Choosing the right materials of packaging will make your business run smoother, and keep costs down.